Thursday, September 22, 2011

{gorgeous interiors} The House Undone

Sorry I've been gone for a while! I've been distracted with my boys, football, school & party planning! I just have 2 more parties to go and I can focus on things like photography and Christmas (eek!!).

This shoot is about a month old but remember my lovely friend that has the cute family pictured in the previous post?? Guess what this gorgeous mother-daughter duo do?? They help turn out-dated homes in to BEAUTIFUL homes!! Or if you need help with a lonely wall in your home & need a little guidance. Or just one room! I had the pleasure of shooting a few projects they had done. Here's just a few. You'll have to check out their site for more....
I wish I had steps into my house or out the back door so I could copy these birdcages! I love them!
Guess what gorgeous room lies just beyond this door??
This AMAZING master bedroom! I secretly wish I could live in this room....or just transplant it to my home in Vegas....
Check out their site for more ideas & inspiration at The House Undone. ***Psst! They are helping me revamp my living room by e-mail only! I live in Las Vegas and they are in Salt Lake City, UT! It's been really fun seeing everything come together. Just a few more items and I can show you the amazing transformation!