Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{waterloo walla's} family photo shoot

Here's the final sneak peek from my trip to Illinois! I had a great time with the Walla family bright & early in Waterloo. Mama Walla had a great old broken down church picked out and it was AMAZING! The roof was missing & it was overgrown with ivy & other lovely green stuff. I had my first experience standing on top of the Bluffs. Such a pretty place! I loved being there in the fall. We don't exactly get 4 seasons in sunny Las Vegas. ;) Thanks for sharing your family with me Mama! I had a great time & would love to do it again & again & again!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

{little miss thing} Mia's Photo Shoot

I had not one but TWO little girl photo shoots while in Illinios. Both on the same day! I got my fix and was ok going home to a house full of stinky boys. ;) Mia is absolutely beautiful! I love her eye shape, eyelashes, darling curly hair & personality! She is a giggling little spitfire! There were moments where this little beauty was stomping her feet & screaming in the cornstalks. Then 2 seconds later she was giggling & talking in her sweet little voice saying "please" and "thank you." She's D A R L I N G!! Sorry to keep you waiting so long Mama & Grandma!! Enjoy!

{future Eagles cheerleader} Nellie's photo shoot

While in Illinois I had the pleasure of spending the morning with this little cutie. Nellie is a DARLING Hello Kitty, Philadelphia Eagles lovin' four year old with big brown eyes & lots of energy! She was ecstatic when we finally made it to the nearby high school football field where she could "act like a cheerleader." When we went to a nearby park it was over! She played & played & played! We were trying to get a picture of Mom & Nellie together in their Eagles gear & she shouted "But MOM! This is MY photo shoot!!" spoken like a true diva. ;) Hope you love these Mom! Glad it's you & not me picking which ones to print!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{it's a boy!} carol's maternity shoot

Last Saturday night I was in Waterloo, IL photographing this cute little family. They are getting ready to welcome baby boy into their lives in just a couple of months. Doesn't Carol look smokin' hot?? I had a bit of maternity hot-ness jealousy. ;) Look at Mom & Dad and tell me this little guy isn't destined to be BEAUTIFUL! I'm so excited to meet him! Here are some of my favorites...