Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{brown-haired, brown-eyed} Brown Family

This was my most eventful photo shoot to date! My Aunt (yes, I know! She's so young & hot!) allowed me to photograph her beautiful dark-featured family on Sunday. We both got super excited about the Great Salt Lake...then we got there. We took some cute pictures out by the train tracks then all of the sudden there's a train heading right around the bend as they are walking on the tracks! Crazy close call! So we tried the water. My visions of pictures on the rocks out by the water were quickly squashed by hundreds of giant spiders in crazy webs. It was so gross/terrifying/creepy---you name it! So we drove over to the flat area by the water instead. This was covered in dead birds' half-decayed skeletons! We finally drove over to some old broken down traincar & building covered in graffiti: SUCCESS! After the most insane shoot we still managed to get gorgeous pictures!"Look at each other" I say as the train flies around the bend. Here's Mrs. Brown holding one daughter while the train flies by. Mr. Brown had to grab the other daughter & jump to the other side of the tracks!
Crazy faces!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

{partially-related} family shoot

Long story short, I'm partially-related to this attractive family and had a great time photographing them in SLC last weekend. Some shoots are like "fish in a barrel." This was definitely one of those shoots. Good looking little family with a great backdrop. Here are a few of my (completely un-biased) favorites.

Here you go Auntie! I think this counts as a smile!!

I told them to hold hands & walk. She says, "He NEVER holds my hand!" Well, here is that one time---documented. LOVE IT!Dad with his model kids.

This little model is my niece! Remember her from her earlier shoot? She's already changed so much!!
Check out these little studs!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

{dancer} madison

I spent Friday evening at a homestead in Utah County with a darling little dancer. Talk about beautiful!! There were so many places to shoot & she's insanely photogenic. Perfect combination for me!! We could have kept going for hours & hours. Can you believe that Madison's Mom was my drill team coach?---just like 2 years ago when I was in high school....lol. :) I haven't seen her for years so it was nice to spend time with her and get to know her darling little girl. I hope this makes your night Mama! She's gorgeous!!!
I kept telling Madison I wanted to borrow her shoes... Aren't they the cutest????
I quickly learned that mentioning "Justin Bieber" makes her perk up & smile extra big. ;)
Look what little fella was just wandering around!

Friday, July 15, 2011

{c&b} sisters

I had such a great time this morning photographing two beautiful sisters. I've known their Mommy for 10+ years now. *Ash, that sounds like we're old! Aren't we still 17? ;) These two girls look & act completely different but they have one thing in common....they are adorable! Mom and Dad each got their very own twin. As I was going through their pictures I kept thinking "these need to be used in Hallmark cards with sister-ly quotes typed on them." Look at these and tell me you don't feel the same....

Look who caught a real live ladybug on her bracelet!
Sometimes you have to change things up a bit and you ask for "scary" faces instead of smiles. :)