Saturday, July 9, 2011

{desert} Tayler

Yesterday I shot my beautiful daughter in the dry, dusty Las Vegas desert. We had a fun time using her gorgeous homecoming dress again! *Selling points for daughters to use on their Mom regarding expensive homecoming dresses: "But MOM, I can wear it again in my Senior Photo Shoot! I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!" Sold! :) It was a great overcast morning and not insanely hot.....until about 30 minutes into the shoot. We were battling intense sunshine, watery, squinty eyes, a bug falling into her shirt (& meeting it's demise), and I was covered from head to toe in dirt. But get a load of the pictures we got!!
It's the craziest thing! You say "Be serious. Don't smile." and it makes her crack up almost every time!!

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