Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{singer/songwriter} Melody Nash

Guess who got to photograph the next up & coming country star, Melody Nash??? THIS GIRL!!! I have known Melody for quite a few years now and she's finally just going for it. She & her family are packing up & moving to Nashville (hello, their last name is "Nash" they BELONG in Nashville!) to pursue her dream of being a country singer/songwriter. Her website has a few songs that you can listen to click here. I would like to go back in time & include "Idiocracy" on a mix tape for some lame boyfriend(s) I used to have. ;)
As you can see she's a knockout. Combine her looks & Fremont Street (old Vegas) for pictures and you KNOW we have some good stories! Guys were telling her to "work it!!", giving her advice, offering to slap her on the butt, etc. I even had to chase down a guy that snatched up her cowboy hat! I mistakenly set it on a parking meter behind us and we walked 5 feet away. Which I guess means "we don't want it". What a fun way to say goodbye, right?? I love you tons Melody Nash! I can't wait to buy your first cd, jam out to your songs on the radio & see you play your songs live on the big stage!!! I'm rooting for you girl!!

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