Friday, July 15, 2011

{c&b} sisters

I had such a great time this morning photographing two beautiful sisters. I've known their Mommy for 10+ years now. *Ash, that sounds like we're old! Aren't we still 17? ;) These two girls look & act completely different but they have one thing in common....they are adorable! Mom and Dad each got their very own twin. As I was going through their pictures I kept thinking "these need to be used in Hallmark cards with sister-ly quotes typed on them." Look at these and tell me you don't feel the same....

Look who caught a real live ladybug on her bracelet!
Sometimes you have to change things up a bit and you ask for "scary" faces instead of smiles. :)


  1. so cute! you are great at capturing the best moments :)

  2. Those are adorable! Sweet sweet little girls! Those would be good Hallmark pics. They are both such cuties. I love the silly faces and the lady bug!!! Excellent job!