Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{brown-haired, brown-eyed} Brown Family

This was my most eventful photo shoot to date! My Aunt (yes, I know! She's so young & hot!) allowed me to photograph her beautiful dark-featured family on Sunday. We both got super excited about the Great Salt Lake...then we got there. We took some cute pictures out by the train tracks then all of the sudden there's a train heading right around the bend as they are walking on the tracks! Crazy close call! So we tried the water. My visions of pictures on the rocks out by the water were quickly squashed by hundreds of giant spiders in crazy webs. It was so gross/terrifying/creepy---you name it! So we drove over to the flat area by the water instead. This was covered in dead birds' half-decayed skeletons! We finally drove over to some old broken down traincar & building covered in graffiti: SUCCESS! After the most insane shoot we still managed to get gorgeous pictures!"Look at each other" I say as the train flies around the bend. Here's Mrs. Brown holding one daughter while the train flies by. Mr. Brown had to grab the other daughter & jump to the other side of the tracks!
Crazy faces!!!!

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