Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{sports rivals} Workman Family

Bright & early Saturday morning I had the pleasure of photographing this family of four. I love their kids' brown & blue eyes---one like dad & one like mom. BOTH with bright blonde hair. I love it! We had a good time playing around in this broken down traincar and graffiti'd building. Sara had the idea of wearing their teams shirts/jerseys at a high school field to show their family's division. ;) AND she had the cute vision for the picture frame with the silly masks, etc. SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing your family with me!! Hope you love the pictures like I do!

This first picture is going down as my favorite picture of all time. No joke. Favorite. Of. All. Time.


  1. Love Love Love!!! Thank you so much!! Can't wait to have you do them again!! ;)

  2. A Maze Ing!!!I obviously adore this family and I am in love with these photos!!!