Friday, November 4, 2011

{my} philosophy

It's probably time I gave my philosophy/mission statement <-----not like Jerry Maguire and the fish, but something like that....
How did Thru My Lenz Photography Company come about?
I became incredibly discouraged a few years ago when I was looking for a local photographer to take our family photos. I found one that I LOVED but she charged $$$ just to TAKE our pictures. It was "$$$ for the photographer's time & talent." She actually had a "Christmas Deal" going for $$$ which included her time & ONE. Single. .jpeg of our favorite image. Well, I took the bait. I paid for her time and LOVED many of her pictures but when I found out how much it was going to be for the prints or just a disc I was appalled. It went from being a $$$ experience to a $$$$ experience. So around Christmas I was stuck choosing to spend $$$$ on family photos or $$$$ on presents. I chose to take my one single .jpeg image & print 30-40 to stick in our Christmas cards like I do every year. To this day, I have not purchased a single print or disc of that photo shoot. I keep thinking "maybe it's been long enough that she'd just sell me a disc with all of the images for really cheap."
Me & My Little Man
Fast-forward to Nov. 2011. If you're looking for an affordable route to capturing yourself/your family at this moment, (that isn't in a Target or Wal-Mart photo studio) here I am! I've made a vow to give clients their pictures. ALL of their pictures. The edited and the un-edited. Who am I to say what pictures you'd love to print & what ones you wouldn't? Or that you should only print pictures through me? I can't compete with the Costco's & Target's of the world so do what you want. They are YOUR pictures. You paid for them. I want you to have the capability of printing 500 copies or just 5. As a photographer, I'm certainly not going to do anything with them after our shoot and I know you will treasure them forever.
Oh, and my name is Lenzi (pronounced Lindsey/Lindsay/linz-ee). Therefore, the oh-so-clever "Thru My Lenz Photography Company" ;) Nice to meet ya!


  1. I love you Linz-ee! So SO proud of you too!

  2. haha...well its nice to meet you too, I think like you, again, already!!! You are amazing and can't wait for you to take more and more and more pictures in the future!! Love you girl!